CDG Media Services

Standard media


Audio can emphasize key points that might be missed in a textual presentation.

  • ENG511: Faculty Introduction
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Music can either provide a mood for a course or can be used as instructional content. Music examples can fulfill learning objectives.

  • SPA102: Music
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Video can help demonstrate a concept or give a more tangible connection to course information.

Slide shows

Slide shows present a series of images in chronological or topical order, and they work best when detailed captions or voiced narration are included. Slide shows are often an excellent substitute for video because they can convey multiple images in files that are smaller than video files, which results in shorter downloading times for students.

Specialized, long term media projects

Custom media projects have the potential to convey and illustrate ideas in nearly unlimited ways. At the e-Learning Center, we can assist instructors with enhancements to courses. We can help translate ideas and develop exciting media solutions that engage and involve students. We will help create the best solution for classes or departments.

Media Creation Timeframe

  • Standard course graphic creation — 3 month lead time
  • Specialized graphics and other media creation
    • when our schedule permits and content is instructionally relevant
    • consider applying for e-Learning mini-grant for large project support

Creative Design Group Contacts

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Ken 928 523-7879
Stephanie 928 523-8997
Jeanette 928 523-1208