Course Quality Checklists

We provide two kinds of checklists that can help instructors create and deliver courses of high quality:

Teaching Quality Checklist
Technical Quality Checklist

Instructors can use these checklists themselves to plan and review their courses, or schedule an appointment with the instructional technologist or instructional designer assigned to their college or school to review courses and receive feedback and suggestions.

Instructors who receive a course development stipend from Distance Learning are required to submit their completed course to the e-Learning Center for a technical quality review at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the course. The final stipend payment from Distance Learning is contingent upon the instructor’s successful completion of the technical review, which focuses on technical issues and accessibility for students who have disabilities, but it can also include recommendations on ways to structure and clarify the information in the course. When e-Learning Center staff complete the review we give the instructor a list of findings, if any, and the instructor is expected to address items in the list. Ideally, if instructors have worked with us while developing their courses, they don’t encounter any surprises during the final technical review.