Encouraging Participation

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To ensure student success, we need to encourage participation in the online environment. Students come into our classes extremely motivated and enthusiastic about learning the subject matter. It is our job to keep their interest and inspire them. One place to do this is in the online discussion.

The ABC Intervention Method


Increase effective student contributions in the online discussion using the ABC intervention method.


Use ABC Intervention Method when constructing your post:

  • Acknowledge something the individual has said.
  • Build on their comment by adding personal experience or observations or relevant course content.
  • Conclude with a critical thinking or socratic question to the individual or class.

Helpful Tips

  • Praise new ideas
  • Ask for clarification
  • Share personal experiences
  • Stay current in our subject area
  • Use effective questioning strategies
  • Frequently contribute your thoughts and opinions
  • Add value with your response


Excellent response here, [Student]!

Class, [Student] brings up an interesting point: [“whatever student’s interesting point is”. Insert your own thoughts here to elaborate on the point or relate the student’s comments to the course material.] Then, insert a follow-up question related to the topic and ask students to explain their reasoning.