Create Content Area

Create Content Area
Note: When you're building a brand new course (rather than copying content forward from an existing class) you can either start with a completely empty course shell, where you will build everything from scratch, or our new Course Template, where some of the most popular course tools and resources are pre-installed. The Course Template is nice because it's less work for the designer and it provides a more consistent structure across classes for students. You can read more about the Course Template, or request one now, or continue below if you want a completely empty course shell that you will build from scratch.

The first time you enter a new course shell, all is blank, except for one hidden link on your course menu named "Getting Started for Instructors." Only instructors and course builders can see this link. You will want to create your own course content area that students can access.

Your empty course:

Empty Course Shell

Create Content Area

In order to add content to your course, you'll first need to create a Content Area to add course materials to. Content Areas are essentially left-side menu items. Adding any content must begin from the course menu.

Use the PLUS symbol at the top of the course menu to add new Content Areas, or link to Tools, Web sites, and other areas of your course. Content Areas allow you to build and import your course materials.

Add Content

CAUTION when DELETING! Keep in mind, when you delete a Content Area from the course menu, you are also deleting the contents contained within the Content Area!

  • You may give the new menu item a name (though some menu items don't require this)
  • Select the Available to Users option to allow students to see the menu item
  • Press Submit

Name Content

Add your Content

Use the Build Content menu at the top of the course Content Area to add course materials. Bb Learn allows you add quite a few different types of content to present a variety of course material.

TIP 1 -- The Text Editor enables you to format much of your content, which is helpful for adding formatted text to Items, Blank Pages, and any description fields.

TIP 2 -- Use Content Folders to organize your course materials within each Content Area.

  • Set Edit Mode to ON
    Edit Mode

  • Go to a Content Area or Folder

    Content Area Folder

  • On the Action Bar, point to Build Content to access the drop-down list

    Build Content

  • Select the type of content you would like to add (Files, Folders, and Items are the most commonly-used content)

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