Adding Designers (Course Builders)

Adding Designers (Course Builders) in Bb Learn

You may now add your own Designers (Course Builders) to your Bb Learn courses! These conditions must be met:

  • You must be a Primary Instructor in your Bb Learn course in order to add Designers
  • You may only add a person who is not (and will not be) enrolled in the same course in a different role (i.e., as a Teaching Assistant or Secondary Instructor)
  • If you do need a Teaching Assistant or Secondary Instructor to have Designer access added, please contact the e-Learning Center ( to request that they add Designer access for that person

Adding a Designer

  1. Log in to Bb Learn and log in to a course in which you are Primary Instructor
  2. In the Course Management Control Panel, expand Course Tools and select Manage Users
    Manage Users
  3. In the Manage Users window, select Add Users by Role
    Select Add Users by Role
  4. Enter the person's NAU UserID (e.g., xyz23) in the Username field, and select the Course Builder role, then click Submit. NOTE: Remember to add ONLY people who do not already have another role in the course (e.g., TA or Secondary Instructor), and who will not have another role in the course.
    Add Username

Removing a Designer

  1. To remove a Designer that you have added, go to the Manage Users tool and select Remove Other Users by Role
    Remove Designers
  2. Select the Course Role checkbox for the Course Builder role and click Submit
    Select Course Builder
  3. Select (check) the names of any Course Builders you would like to remove, then click Submit.
    Remove Designers

If you have any questions, or to add a Designer who is (or will be) a Teaching Assistant or Secondary Instructor in your course, please email the e-Learning Center with details: