Bb Learn - Grade Assignment

Grading an Assignment in Blackboard Learn

In this scenario, you will

  • Log in to Blackboard Learn
  • Navigate to the correct course
  • Configure Blackboard Learn for editing
  • Open the Full Grade Center
  • View and grade the assignment
  • Although Blackboard Learn offers a number of options to choose from when you grade an assignment, the steps listed in this scenario address only a few of them. You are encouraged to explore the other options on your own.

    Log in to Blackboard Learn

    To log in to Blackboard Learn (if you are not already logged in), follow these steps:

    1. Go to
      Screenshot: Blackboard Learn login page
    2. Click the Log in to Bb Learn button.
      Login button
    3. On the Central Authentication Service (CAS) page, in the UserID field type your NAU login ID, and in the Password field, type your password.

      (NOTE: If you have already authenticated through CAS from some other campus website, you might not have to complete this step or the next. Instead, you automatically will be routed to the Blackboard Learn My Institution tab.)
      Screenshot: Type your UserID and Password. Then click the Login button.
    4. Click the Login button.

    Navigate to the Correct Course

    After you have logged in, make sure you are on the My Institution tab, and then from the My Courses block, select a listed course.
    Screenshot: Click the Use Case Scenarios link.

    Configure Blackboard Learn for Editing

    Near the upper right corner of the window, make sure the Edit Mode is button is set to ON. You click the button to toggle between ON and OFF.
    Screenshot: Set the Edit Mode to ON.

    Open the Full Grade Center

    1. From the Course Management Control Panel on the left, click Grade Center and then click Full Grade Center.
      Screenshot: Click Grade Center. Screenshot: Click Full Grade Center.
      The Grade Center: Full Grade Center page will be displayed.
    2. In the Grade Information Bar, use the horizontal scroll bar to scroll right until you see the column titled Assignment 1.
      Screenshot: Scroll to the Assignment 1 column.
    3. In the Assignment 1 column, look for the green exclamation mark (!) in the Student One row, which indicates the assignment needs to be graded, and then place your mouse pointer over that cell. At the right side of the cell you will see an action menu icon Screenshot: Action Menu icon. Click that action menu icon and then select the bottom item in the list, Attempt 6/18/10, which indicates the date the assignment was turned in.
      Screenshot: Select the Attempt at the bottom of the list.

    View and Grade the Assignment

    1. On the Grade Assignment: Assignment 1 page, scroll to the 2. Review Current Attempt section, and then click the link in the Attached Files row to view or download the attached student submission.
      Screenshot: Click the link to view or download the attached file for the current attempt.
    2. In the 3. Grade Current Attempt section, type a point value of 25 in the Grade field.
      Screenshot: Next, type a point value of 25 in the Grade field.
    3. In the Feedback to User field, type your comments for the student. Optionally, you can attach a separate comment file for the student.
      Screenshot: Type any thoughts or comments that you may have in the Feedback area for the studen
    4. To finish, click Save and Exit.
      Screenshot: To finish, select Save and Exit.
      You can see that 25 points show up in the Assignment 1 column for Student One.
      Screen shot: 25 points for Student One