Bb Learn - Messages

Working with Messages

In this scenario, you will

Although Blackboard Learn offers a number of options to choose from when you create an assignment, the steps listed in this scenario address only a few of them. You are encouraged to explore the other options on your own.

Log in to Blackboard Learn

To log in to Blackboard Learn (if you are not already logged in), follow these steps:

  1. Go to

    Screenshot: Blackboard Learn login page

  2. Click the Log in to Bb Learn button.

    Login button

  3. On the Central Authentication Service page, in the UserID field type your NAU login ID, and in the Password field, type your password.

    (NOTE: If you have already authenticated through CAS from some other campus website, you might not have to complete this step or the next. Instead, you automatically will be routed to the Blackboard Learn My Institution tab.)

    Screenshot: Type your UserID and Password. Then click the Login button.

  4. Click the Login button.

Navigate to the Correct Course

After you have logged in, make sure you are on the My Institution tab, and then from the My Courses block, select a listed course.

Screenshot: Click the Use Case Scenarios link.

Configure Blackboard Learn for Editing

Near the upper right corner of the window, you can have the Edit Mode button set to ON or OFF . Click the button to toggle between ON and OFF.

Screenshot: Set the Edit Mode to ON.

Select Tools link

  1. From the left navigation menu, click the Tools link.

    Screenshot: Click the Topic 1 link.
    Tools page will be displayed.

  2. On the Tools page, click on Messages link .

    Screenshot: From the Create Assessment menu select Assignment.

Create Message

  1. To create a Message click on the Create Messsage button.

  2. Compose Message page is Displayed.

  3. Click Recipient button to choose the individual(s) on the list you are sending message to.

    recipient img

    Highlight student under Select Recipient: To Line. Click on the > button to add individual the Recipients list.
    Hold down Shift key to select multiple recipients. Click on the > button to add individuals the Recipients list.

    Do the same steps for sending carbon copies (CC) and blind copies (BC) to others.

  4. Under Compose Message fill in the required field for the Subject line.

    Type message in the Body textbox.

  5. To add an Attachment, click on the Browse button.

    Screenshot: Attach a file by clicking the Browse button.

    Navigate to a file on your computer and then select it. This step might look a little different, depending on which browser and operating system you are using.
    Screenshot: Select a file from your computer.

  6. After attaching your file, click on Submit button.