Bb Learn - Communicating with Students

Communicating with Students

The first, and arguably the most important, of the seven principles of good practice in undergraduate education is better communication between faculty and students. Technology allows you to communicate better, and Bb Learn allows you to retain your communications in one place, within the context of your course and your instruction.

We will look at three tools that facilitate communication in Bb Learn:

Messaging: Messaging in Bb Learn is e-mail by another name, one to one communication between you and your student that you can, by choice, forward to others should you need to.

Announcements: The Announcements tool allows you to post important details about the course or other issues.

Groups: Having your students communicate, cooperate, and learn with each other is also a good practice. Using the groups tool in Bb Learn can establish collaborative and social learning contexts within your course that can lead to improved thinking and deeper understandings for your students.


The Seven Principles

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