Bb Learn - Organizing Content

Organizing Content

When inside your Bb Learn course you will early on decide on how to present your course information and content to our students. The options of presentation are influenced by the capabilities Bb Learn so you might not be able to use the tool exactly as you might want. There are basically three ways to present materials to your students. The three ways are:

Content Folders: Are the easiest way to organize your content inside Learn. You can think of them like any other folder you might use on a computer. The name of the folder should give a description of what is inside it such as "Getting Started", "Week One: Who Was King Arthur?", "Additional readings", etc. You can use as many of them as you like and you can create folders inside of folders as needed.

Lesson Plans: Are much like folders but you can add information about the content inside such as objectives, instructions, time period and many other items that might help your students to be more successful in the lesson plan by being explicit about what is expected before they even get to see the content.

Learning Modules: Allow the instructor to have a little more control on the order that students access course materials, you can force sequential viewing if that reinforces your course goals and objectives. You also can have a table of contents that can allow easy navigation between items inside the Learning Module. Currently Learning Modules have some major problems with some aspects of navigation so we do not recommend their use at this time. (If your course goals and objectives require this type of organization please contact us and we can work with you).


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