Bb Learn - Overview

Welcome to our Bb Learn Overview

When technology is included as a part of the thinking process in designing and delivering instruction, it can actually lead to an effective, engaged, and efficient teaching and learning experience.

In this series of tutorials, you will be introduced to Blackboard Learn, NAU's learning management system, and to some thoughts on how these tools can help enhance your practice. As you work through this series of activities you will get a chance to tour a Bb Learn course, create some common learning activities, as well as try out some student interactions including the grading of student learning activities. Technology can be used effectively in in-person, hybrid, or online courses.

Just so we are all on the same page you can think of the LMS as your "Classroom" for you online learning activities. These activities might include accessing reserved readings from Cline or the course syllabus, taking a test, submitting a paper, "talking to" one student or the entire class, a private area for a group to work together, and much more. You can use as few or as many as you choose to meet the needs and demands of class.

A unit of learning, however it is organized or delivered, ideally should include the following:

  1. Pre-instructional activities (for example, testing of prerequisites or a statement of learning objectives)
  2. Content Presentation (informational, sometimes called the lecture)
  3. Guided Practice or Participation
  4. Assessment (students demonstrating that they meet your objectives)
  5. Summary and/or review

This overview will be organized into four main sections:

Each section will have a number of activities helping you implement common teaching activities in Bb Learn.


Blackboard Pedagogical Tips: