Online Course Evaluation

Online Course Evaluation Administration

There are several steps involved in the online evaluation process. Each course section's evaluation must be set up by an Online Evaluation Admin every semester... no courses have "automatic" online evaluations without some sort of setup. The Admin is usually a department's administrative assistant, course scheduler or chair. Access to Online Evaluation Administration must be requested or approved via email by a department's chair; the chair may simply send an email to with the name and UserID of the person who should have Admin access, and all course prefixes (e.g., ACC, MAT, SW, SOC) for which the person should have administrative control.

The basic process is as follows (select a link to open that subject's tutorial or site in a new window):

  1. The department decides what kind of information it needs to gather.
  2. A new evaluation is created, or an existing evaluation is edited.
  3. That evaluation is mapped to a specific course section.
  4. The evaluation's Open, Close and Release Dates are set.
  5. If necessary, the evaluation's mapping is changed.
  6. Students complete the evaluation.
  7. Instructors access evaluation reports.
  8. Departments access evaluation summary reports.