Mapping an Evaluation to a Specific Course Section

Mapping an Evaluation to a Specific Course Section

Before students may use an evaluation for a specific course, that course section must be mapped to an evaluation that you have already created or edited. Mapping the evaluation simply tells the system which evaluation you wish to use for a specific course section. One evaluation will often be mapped to many course sections, and may even be used for different courses. For example, Dental Hygiene may wish to use one evaulation for all undergraduate Dental Hygiene courses, and a different evaluation for all graduate courses.

  1. Access the Online Course Evaluation Admin site.
  2. Select Add Course Mapping , then click Perform Selected Action.

    Add Course Mappings

  3. Select a Term, and if you wish to see mappings that already exist, check the box to Include courses that are already mapped to evals. Click Submit.

    Select Term

  4. Select a specific Session if you wish, and click Submit (most users simply leave Session set to All).

    Select Session

  5. Choose a Department from the Dept. drop-down list and click Submit.

    Select Department

  6. Choose a Subject, then click Submit (sometimes there will only be one subject).

    Select Subject

  7. You will now see a list of course sections matching the criteria you have selected, and there are several steps to take in this screen.
    1. Under Evaluation Options, choose the Evaluation to Use.

      Evaluation to Use

    2. Select (check the checkbox of) the course section(s) you would like to map to this evaluation. Note that you may map multiple sections to the same evaluation. In the screenshot below, we have chosen to map the evaluation "(1841) ACC 999 Courses" to the first 8 sections of Accounting 205 in the list. Click Update Selected to map the evaluation to those sections.

      Update Mapping

    3. You will notice that course sections already have a default Open Date (the date the evaluation becomes available for students to complete), Close Date (the date the evaluation is no longer available for students to complete), and Release Date (the date that results are available to view). These dates reflect the most common dates based on the section's term, session and end date, and most choose to leave these as-is. However if you wish to change them, you may re-select (check the checkbox of) the section(s) whose Open, Close and/or Release Dates you wish to change, and use the appropriate calendar tool to choose a new date. In the example below, we are selecting a new Open Date for the first ACC-205 section; once you have chosen a new date in the calendar, be sure to click Update Selected to enter the new date.

      Choose Open Date

    4. Once you have updated the mapping and (if necessary) any dates, be sure that all course sections you wish to map are still selected (checked) and click Submit to apply all of your changes. This may take awhile, depending on how many courses you are modifying.

      Submit Mapping

      After submitting you should receive a confirmation screen showing your changes.

      Mapping Confirmation