Creating a Webquest

A WebQuest, originally developed by a team at San Diego University, is a guided online, inquiry-oriented student activity typically consisting of six parts (sometimes the process and resources, and the evaluation and conclusion are combined):

  • The Introduction orients students and captures their interest.
  • The Task describes the activity's end product.
  • The Process explains strategies students should use to complete the task.
  • The Resources are the Web sites students will use to complete the task.
  • The Evaluation measures the results of the activity.
  • The Conclusion sums up the activity and encourages students to reflect on its process and results.

Build your own WebQuest

Adapt WebQuests to your own needs

Don't have time to create your own webquest? Visit the following website to learn how to adapt the best components of other peoples webquests, fix links, and customize the content for your classroom.

WebQuest Adaptation

Find more WebQuests

I would google your topic with keywords like "Evolution WebQuest" or visit the sites below:

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