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Category: Blackboard Learn Seats Available: 179

Format: Mixed  Delivery Method: Self-paced  Delivery System: Online 

Instructors: Debbie Shepard, Sharon Gorman


Within 24-48 hours after you sign up, you will have access to the online self-paced section of e-Learning's "Developing Learning Activities" Bb Learn training.
In addition to being enrolled in the Developing Learning Activities class as a "student" you have been given "designer/instructor" access to a second class called "ELC Training - Practice Class." This is a safe place to practice with Bb Learn and will be used for all upcoming Bb Learn training sessions.

To complete the Developing Learning Activities class, please log into Bb Learn using the following address:

Enter your NAU user id and password if prompted for that information.

In the "My Courses" box, click on the link to "Developing Learning Activities"

Once you log into the course, read the Welcome and Getting Started announcement to learn how to begin the self-paced workshop. The syllabus provides how to progress through the training as well as the three required activities for sign-off. You can do your required workshop activities in your Practice Training course or your Bb Learn course of choice. If you complete the activities in your own course, please mention which course shell you used so that I can verify that the required activities have been completed.

When you have completed the workshop, please send a message to me using Blackboard Learn's internal email tool called Messages. Let me know the name of the course shell (e.g., Practice Class) where you conducted the exercises. I will review your work and mark off your status in the e-Learning training system to *complete*. I check into this course several times a week with most of my correspondence occurring on Thursdays (on my telecommute day). The best way to reach me in the course is by sending me a direct "Message." If it's an emergency, feel free to use my regular NAU email address.

See you online!

Sharon Gorman
Online Course Facilator, e-Learning


In this session you will have the opportunity to create Discussions, Assignments, and Tests in a pre-set course shell, and explore how these can establish student motivation to learn, encourage course participation, provide frequent feedback, and allow for checks for understanding.  You will apply at least one of these features in either your own Bb Learn course or in the pre-set shell.


Approximate time: 1.5 hours

Pre-req: Organizing Content


Developing Learning Activities

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