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Category: Blackboard Learn Seats Available: 100

Format: Mixed  Delivery Method: Self-paced  Delivery System: Online 

Instructors: Debbie Shepard, Matthew Minister


This is the online, self-paced version of the workshop. You will complete your work in Bb Learn.

With these online trainings, once you enroll E-Learning needs to add you to the training course as a student and to create a course shell for you to work in. This is a manual process. When you enroll, the instructor gets an email but it may take a little while to get the shells set up. You should be in within 24-48 hours.


In this session you will have the opportunity to create and organize some content. You will examine Bb Learn’s Content Folders, Lesson Plan, and Learning Module organizational features in a pre-set course shell, and explore how these are influenced by the capabilities BBLearn.�You will organize some content in one of these features in either your own Bb Learn course or in the pre-set shell.

Approx time: 1 hour


Organizing Content

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