Web-conferencing in your course using Blackboard Collaborate (Online Training Version)

Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:00am - 1:00pm @ Online - via Collaborate

Category: Collaborate Seats Available: 3

Format: Online Tutorial  Delivery Method: Real-time  Delivery System: Online 

Instructors: Linda Neff, Sharon Gorman


Please keep this email as a reference and links for accessing the online collaborate session.

You must pre-install Blackboard Launcher for this collaborate session to properly load.

Per Blackboard's help information about the Launcher --

"The Blackboard Collaborate Launcher is a utility for Windows and Mac. It provides a convenient and reliable way for you to launch your Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing sessions and recordings. When you click Join Room on the Room Details page or a recording link in the Recordings table, Blackboard Collaborate checks to see if you have the launcher installed. If you do not, Blackboard Collaborate prompts you to download it.

When the launcher is installed, clicking a session or recording link triggers the download of a .collab file. The launcher uses this file to launch Blackboard Collaborate using a known and stable version of Java. Because the launcher includes the required Java, you do not need to install and maintain the system version of Java."

For information on downloading Blackboard Launcher to your Mac or PC, go to https://help.blackboard.com/en-us/Learn/Building_Blocks/Blackboard_Collaborate/Instructor/30_Blackboard_Collaborate_Launcher


Once you have installed Blackboard Collaborate Launcher (or have already instailled the tool), log in as a Guest (click this link).

Be sure to include your first name and last name as the display name.


Blackboard Collaborate is NAU's instructional web conferencing system. It works on both Macs and Windows computers and functions either as a standalone tool or as an add-in to Bb Learn. Collaborate allows you to deliver live lectures over the Internet, text chat, share whiteboards and share applications. Use it to add interaction to your online class or hold virtual office hours. In this workshop, you will learn how to schedule and facilitate meetings from your computer with other faculty and/or students from a distance. You will be able to speak with them, show them relevant materials on the whiteboard, and collaborate with them to create presentation materials.

In the online version of this tour, we will deliver the training in Collaborate, which is a great way to learn about the tool in an active way.


At the end of this session you will be able to:

* Address your personal questions about web conferencing
* Schedule web conferencing sessions
* Use the whiteboard tool
* Use the Audio or Video tool
* Use the Application Sharing tool