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The information on this site is intended for students enrolled in English 105 and 205, and for clients of the Writing Center. Brief descriptions of the components of this site are given below.

English 105 and 205

Students enrolled in English 105 and 205 can access many course tools and resources here, from links to instructors' pages, online discussion forums, writing resources, library resources etc.

Writing Center

All NAU students are eligible to make use of the Writing Center, which provides one-on-one sessions intended to help students improve their writing skills at all stages of the writing process.

Technological Literacy Modules

The Writing Program at NAU aims to enhance learning by introducing students to a technology-enhanced learning environment and increasing technological literacy in multiple ways (functional skills as well as culturally and socially situated analytical and critical reading/writing skills). The Technological Literacy Modules are online units that aim to help students increase their technological literacy.

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