The Nishikawa Lab

Morgan Burnette

Position: Research Assistant

Education: BS, Biology (Behavior Emphasis,Northern Arizona University)

Technique specialties: High speed video capture of feeding behaviors in fish, muscle histochemistry including ATPase and SDH stains for ATPase activity and oxidative capacity in skeletal muscle, microtomy, isopentane freezing of skeletal muscle.

Developmental and behavioral determination of neural and muscular physiology

     Morgan handily performs a broad spectrum of techniques to collect data for a number of research studies that are associated with the Nishikawa lab. These studies include: how skeletal muscle changes in aging mice, how skeletal muscle changes as a result of eccentric training in opossums and the modeling of cartilage types in Poecillia sphenops jaws using paraffin embedding and sectioning. Morgan is currently considering a number of graduate school programs to further his interests and understanding of physiology.

Morgan's webpage: