Significant Educational Benefits

The students were asked to identify the most significant benefits they received from the class. Choices were:
  1. Learned a lot about the subject (ecology, biology)
  2. Understood the scientific method
  3. Learned how to work independently
  4. Learned to budget time effectively
  5. Developed skill with the computer
ChartObject Chart 1 The ecology students did not seem to feel as confident about their benefits as the general education students did. It is possible that the lack of ability with quantitative skills was responsible for that.

Nevertheless, the general education students felt they learned a lot about biology that they didn't know previously. There were a number of comments from these students that corroborated this result.

In addition, students in both classes reported that they developed life skills, such as independence, time management, and computer facility, that they probably would not have developed in a traditional lecture class.

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