Comments from Individual Students

The following are some of the least complimentary and most complimentary comments from students in these two classes. They prove once again that student opinions of courses and instructors cannot be taken as a literal assessment of performance. They need to be qualified by the fact that student opinions are biased in unpredictable ways.

Note: All students were told at the beginning of the class to expect about 10 hours of work per week. Arizona Board of Regents' policy is that each of these courses should take 9-12 hours per week. Three hours per week is the equivalent of sitting in lecture three times a week and doing nothing more.

Not complimentary

  1. Student No 1
  2. Student No. 2


  1. Student No. 1
  2. Student No. 2


  1. Student No. 1
  2. Student No. 2
  3. Student No. 3
  4. Student No. 4
  5. Student No. 5
  6. Student No. 6

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