Message for presenters:

Re: Publication. Results of this conference are usually published, thanks to extraordinary efforts on the part of past organizers. I will do my best to produce a publication with at least some of the papers, but am going to put a higher priority on getting all the papers edited, formatted, and posted on this web site. Posting to the web site is completely voluntary. I know some of you are worried about securit, copyright, etc. But despite the risks, this format will make the papers available world wide, more or less for free, and will facilitate faster and easier peer review.

Some participants talked about grouping papers for submission to major journals. I don't know any specifics at this time (5/15/01).

I am also hoping to pull together a traditional proceedings volume, in collaboration with conference particpant Sheldon Gosline, who has a small publishing house. Please let me know if you are interested. I have heard from some of you, but enough to make this feasible.

Either way, if you are willing to "publish", please do bring your paper with you on disk, or get it to me on disk or by e-mail within a month of the conference. Let me know which format you prefer ("both" is fine).

Help us help your research efforts:

Please also take a look at the gender and archaeology bibliography linked to the conference page. Please e-mail or bring references to add. Please feel free to send corrections--we realize there are still errors, things left out, and places where multiple volume editors are in the wrong order, but that's the software's fault :) Still, we'll do our best to fix it.