Editorial Board Memberships

Dr. Gary Vallen

Dr. Vallen is honored to sit on a number of Boards of Editors for major educational journals.  Each of these are “refereed” journals, meaning that article submissions are evaluated by a double-blind process and reviewed (refereed) by several editors and/or experts before being accepted/rejected for publication.

The journals Dr. Vallen works with as an editor all have one important thing in common—they make valuable contributions to the Hospitality Industry.  In other words, each of these journals presents articles that have an especially high worth to industry managers.  Many of the articles are applicable to daily operations.

The journals on which Dr. Vallen sits as a member of the Board of Editors include;


Editor; Board of Editors--The Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism (1999-present).

Editor; Board of Editors--Cornell HRA Quarterly Research Forum Journal (1994-present).

Editor; Board of Editors--The Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education (1996-present).

Editor; Board of Editors--Praxis; The Journal of Applied Hospitality Management (1998-present).

Editor; Board of Editors--The Gaming Research & Review Journal (1999-present).