2015 ICOM8 Conference Registration

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Early Registration (Register by May 1, 2015)

International Mycorrhiza Society Members

  Professional (GNI* above US $2400) US $675
  Student (GNI* above US $2400) US $525
  Lifetime IMS Member (GNI* above US $2400) US $575
  Professional (GNI* below US $2400) US $425
  Student (GNI* below US $2400) US $250
  Lifetime IMS Member (GNI* below US $2400) US $325


  Professional (GNI* above US $2400) US $775
  Student (GNI* above US $2400) US $575
  Professional (GNI* below US $2400) US $525
  Student (GNI* below US $2400) US $300

* GNI, or gross domestic income per capita, is a measure of purchasing power. Residents of countries with a GNI below $2400 qualify for a discounted registration. 

** Participants who pay the non-member registration fee will receive a 2-year International Mycorrhiza Society membership.

Campus Accommodations (Optional)

A limited number of university dorm rooms have been reserved for conference participants, including both single- and double (shared) rooms. Bedding and towels are provided, but dorm rooms include no amenities such as maid service or toiletries.

  Single room US $250/week
  Shared double room US $190/week

Wednesday Field Trips (Optional)

Please only one field trip. Family members and guests are invited to participate in conference-hosted field trips, including the free field trip. The fees listed below are per field trip participant, so please indicate the number of people in your party. The field trips will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

  Activity Price Number of Attendees
  Meteor Canyon/Hopi Second Mesa (full day/lunch provided) US $150/person
  Grand Canyon Railway Trip (full day/lunch on your own) US $100/person
  Historical Flagstaff Walking Tour Free

Exhibitor Registration

Advance Rates (Reserved by March 31, 2015)

  Premium Booth US $1500
  Standard Booth US $1200
  Non-profit Booth US $1000

Please Select a Payment Method Option:

  Online credit card or e-check
  Interdepartmental Billing (NAU only)
  Check or Bank Transfer