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LMS Decision Subcommittee Work - Don Carter, Chair


Instructional Web Conferencing Subcommittee Report - December 2008

Collaborative Web Conferencing Subcommittee Resources

The following documents and spreadsheets were submitted by the e-Learning Center from committee work, and a survey of faculty, staff, and student participants, that was conducted in 2004 to select a synchronous collaborative conferencing tool that could be used for coursework. Elluminate was the product selected at that time.

             Website links

             Question 2 results
             Question 3 results
             Question 4 results
             (Horizon) Wimba


Learning Spaces Resources 

             Learning Spaces Study - Fall 2007

             ITS 2007 Classroom Inventory Survey

Virtual Learning Spaces Resources

             November 8, 2007 e-Learning Showcase presentation notes

             2007 Horizon Report

             ECAR Study: Undergraduate Students & IT, 2007 - Key Findings

             ECAR Study: Undergraduate Students & IT, 2007 - Road Map


Learning Spaces Resources (more Resources can be found under Information)

            ITS 2007 Classroom Inventory Database    - (This is an .mdb file. Open in MS Access.)

           Campus Risk Assessment Survey Questions - (This is an .xps file. Open in Internet Explorer.)

            Campus Risk Assessment Survey Questions - (This is an .rtf file and can be opened in MS Word.)

             April 2007

             List of resources - submitted by Don Carter

Learning Spaces Small Groups

             Membership List

             Formal Learning Spaces Questions

             Informal Learning Spaces Questions

             Virtual Learning Spaces Questions


Strategic Plan Subcommittee Work - Bruce Palmer, Chair

Information Technologoy (IT) Fee Subcommittee Work - John Campbell, Chair

Technology Literacy Subcommittee Work - Bev Amer, Chair


Mail Lists and Chairs for all Subcommittees

FY05 PACAC Membership List for all Subcommittees - Last updated November 22, 2004

Strategic Plan Subcommittee Work

Wi-Fi 2005 Flagstaff Campus Wireless Plan (Powerpoint presentation)

IT Fee Subcommittee Work

April 2005 - IT Fee Budget Plan FY06 Draft

April 2005 - Examples of how other universities administer and budget IT Fees

January 2005 - IT Fee Proposal draft (NEW Word document)

January 2005 - IT Fee Proposal/Summary of Document Changes

WebCT Replacement Subcommittee Work - Susan Rieck and Brian Sawert, Co-chairs

Technology Literacy Subcommittee Work - Margaret Moore, Chair

Emerging Technologies Subcommittee Work - Neil Cobb and Philip Voorhees, Co-chairs


IT Fee Subcommittee Work - John Campbell, Chair

FY03/04 - IT Fee Subcommittee Members

October 2003 - IT Fee Proposal (revised Word document)

Technology Literacy Subcommittee Work - Annie Becker, Chair

FY03/04 - Technology Literacy Subcommittee Members

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