Summer 2013 - 2016 Research Internships in
Hojooba’ bee la’ hooniil,
Undergraduate Research into the Social Psychophysiology of Compassion

Faculty Research Projects:

Meliksah Demir is a Developmental Psychologist who teaches developmental psychology across the lifespan and who investigates the roles of self-compassion and compassion for others in the psychosocial well-being (friendship, happiness) of young adults in different ethnic groups. Dr. Demir is another of our dynamic young faculty members; he has extensive experience in teaching developmental psychology, statistical methods, multivariate analysis, and structural equation modeling. “What are the relationships between different types of and functions for positive affect (e.g., linked to seeking versus safety) and the expression of compassion across cultures?” “What are the culturally-specific distinctions between feelings of pleasure (external, unstable) and true happiness/contentment (internal, stable) as they relate to compassion?” “What is the role of cultural cruelty (as the opposite of compassion) within the context of activation/ inhibition of threat-defense systems?” “What relationship experiences explain the compassion-happiness association?” “Is it possible to increase one’s level of compassion?” “What are the short-and long-term implications of compassion interventions?”“What is the role of self-compassion in the psychosocial well-being of young adults in different ethnic groups?”