Summer 2010 - 2012 Research Internships in
Hojooba’ bee la’ hooniil,
Undergraduate Research into the Social Psychophysiology of Compassion

Faculty Research Projects:

Steven Funk is a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in personality, abnormal psychology, and teaching techniques related research. His current projects include personality characteristics and their relation to psychological and health outcomes. Dr. Funk maintains an active research program involving self-centeredness and self-serving social behaviors (the opposite of compassion), and the relationship between parenting styles and self-centeredness, as well as social interest/compassion and health.  His current research questions involve "Is narcissism always maladaptive?"  "Does compassion enhance interpersonal relationships?"  "Does compassion enhance time spent alone?"  "Does compassion enhance the ability to cope with stress?" Dr. Funk has successfully mentored many undergraduate students in projects resulting in their co-authoring over a dozen conference presentations. Steve has also had an active role in designing psychology’s undergraduate curriculum and the assessment of learning outcomes. He also serves as NAU’s psychology representative to the statewide articulation task force that oversees transfer issues between all of Arizona’s universities and community colleges.
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