PERIOD: Chino Phase

DATES: AD 1150 to 1300, coincident with the Chino Phase; dates only a rough estimate. Type probably restricted to the later portion of the phase, based on temporal distribution of other white paint decorated types in Central Arizona, such as Sunset, Salado, and Gila white-on-reds.

See Ware Description, except:

Decoration and Paint: painted; white kaolin paint with chalky luster, usually thick and opaque, sometimes exfoliated leaving only a whitish "shadow." Narrow line designs; element and motif range not well known.

RANGE: : Presently only reported from the Prescott heartland and its eastern margins--the Upper Verde, Chino, and Williamson Valleys [check this carefully--this is the list for P r/g and Prescott W/g is said to have a "similar" range, but we should be specific here, not referential]


REMARKS: Presently rare and poorly known. Synonym is Verde White-on-orange.

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Prescott White-on-gray