NAMED BY: Caywood and Spicer 1935:42

DESCRIBED BY: Caywood and Spicer 1935:42; Colton and Hargrave 1937:184; and revised by Colton 1939:16; Colton 1958; 1980 Western and Central Arizona Ceramic Conference; 1996 Prescott Ceramic Conference.

EXAMPLES: to be added soon.

TYPE SITE: [distinguish original type site and others] King’s Ranch Ruin (Spicer 1936), Fitzmaurice Ruin (Caywood 1936, James 1974), The Matli Ranch Ruins (Mueller and Schecter 1970), Lonesome Valley Ruin (James 1973), the Las Vegas Ranch Ruins (Frampton and Gratz 1978), the Neural Site (Higgins 1997) [others?]

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