Prescott White-on-red


PERIOD: Chino Phase (Mueller and Schecter 1970, Higgins 1997)

DATES: 1080-1400.


Thinning: paddle and anvil.

Finishing: Neural Site: smooth; slipped; sometimes lightly polished; interiors sometimes show anvil marks Rattlesnake: [need to see jar at MNA].

Firing: oxidized atmosphere.

Temper: moderate size and amount angular quartz, mica minimal.

Core Color: gray to orange.

Core Texture: medium, visible particles 0.5mm to 3.0mm.

Fracture: slightly crumbling

Surface Color: red slip [Munsell color]

Firing Clouds: never observed.

Thickness: 5.0 to 7.0mm. [Need to see jar at MNA]

Vessel Forms: Only jars have been observed. One jar had a Gila-like shoulder.

Rims: [Need to see jar at MNA]

Decoration and Paint Type: Entire surface slipped. Designs in white paint (kaolin?). Design Elements and Motifs include lines 3 to 6mm in width; lines may be ticked or have pendant triangles; nested chevrons; bold zigzag lines. Decoration is poorly applied to the outside of jars, above the shoulder.

RANGE: Occurs in the Prescott area.


REMARKS: Synonym is Verde White-on-red. Design elements resemble those on Tuzigoot White-on-red and Turkey Hill White-on-red.

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