Hargrave, during an archaeological survey in 1938, noticed that several types of brown ware sherds collected had not been previously described in Colton and Hargraves' Handbook of Northern Arizona Pottery Wares. That next year, Colton named and described these sherds as Tizon Brown Ware. Ensuing years brought several revisions by Albert Schroeder, Henry Dobyns, and Robert Euler. After intensive surveys in the northwestern Arizona region to investigate and understand the temporal, spatial, and cultural relationships of this ware and its types, Euler and Dobyns (1958) authored the definitive description of Tizon Brown Ware still in use today.

NAMED BY: Colton for an early Spanish name for the Colorado River: "Tizon, firebrand."

DESCRIBED BY: Colton 1939; Euler and Dobyns 1958

EXAMPLES: Whole vessel No. 50.2-1668 from the Museum of Natural History (Tizon Wiped). The Coconino National Forest Supervisor's Office (Flagstaff, AZ) also has a Tizon Wiped vessel and an example of an Orme Ranch Plain vessel.

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Tizon Brown Ware