Desert Pepperweed

DESCRIPTION: Desert Pepperweed is a 0.1-0.5m high, 0.1-0.7m wide shrub that belongs to the mustard family, Brassicacene. It has light green foliage, red or brown seeds and white, fragrant flowers. The seedpods are covered with fine hair. It is a deciduous shrub.

Desert Pepperweed is found in the Mojave Desert that ranges through the southwestern states, California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona. It is found in ridges below 5000’, gravelly soils, sandy washes, creosote bush scrub and Joshua Tree woodlands. It prefers direct sunlight and sand. It has a blooming period from March –May.

Uses: Desert Pepperweed is often used as a border plant in desert gardens.



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Lepidium fremontii
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