San Francisco Mountain Gray Ware comprises the pottery of the Cohonina, a prehistoric culture that once occupied the areas south of the Grand Canyon and north of the San Francisco Peaks in Arizona. The Cohonina are likely ancestral to the modern Hopi, but may also be ancestral to the Havasupai (Hanson 1995).

NAMED BY: Harold Colton

DESCRIBED BY: Colton and Hargrave (1937: 251).

EXAMPLES: Pitcher No. 721/A306; Jar No. 911/NA 3577G, and sherds Nos. AT 2391, 4517-4531 at the Museum of Northern Arizona (Deadmans Gray).

TYPE SITE: NA 1238, Medicine Valley, Coconino County, Arizona (Deadmans Gray).

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San Francisco Mountain Gray Ware