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Arcangelo Corelli 1653-1713

Corelli was appointed violinist at San Luigi dei Francesi in Rome in 1713. In 1685 (the year of Bach's birth) Corelli became director of violins, a position that he held for the next twenty-four years. It is reported that in 1672 Corelli visited Paris but soon left because of Lully's jealousy. After 1699 Corelli worked for the Elector of Bavaria where he taught the young violin virtuoso Pisendel. Writing almost exclusively for the violin or string ensemble (primarily trio sonatas or sonatas for the violin), Corelli's works represent a critical link in the evolution of the baroque concerto grosso and sonata forms. Bach's instrumental style was clearly influenced by them, as was that of Corelli's other students Geminiani, Locatelli, and Handel (who met Corelli when he visited Italy between 1706-1710).

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