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In 3000 years humans have built some effective "maps" for navigating traditional print media. Every textbook contains a table of contents, for example, and a bookmark will show how far down the road one has traveled. Most dictionaries use tabs to show where the A's stop and the B's begin. But in a virtual course it is sometimes difficult to tell where you are or how to get to where you want to go. While this World-Wide Web site is a book, of sorts, you can't tell by looking at the homepage whether it is a big or little book. To help you get your bearings, this Table of Contents contains a hierarchical list of all pages in the course. Click on any page to go there....and remember, you can return to the Table of Contents by clicking on the compass from any other page. Next... 

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Topics by Week Week 1: Contrapuntal Techniques Operators: Prime, Retro, Inv, Retro-Inv Bach: Art of Fugue Contrapunctus XII Hindemith: Ludus Tonalis Week 2: Canon Anatomy of a Canon Why Did Bach Write Canons? Ten Canons of the Musical Offering Nine Canons of the Goldberg Variations Fourteen Canons on the Goldberg Ground Week 3: Invention Clowning Around Melodic Inversion Contrapuntal Inversion Evolutio (Melodic + Contrapuntal Inversion) Week 4: Cantus Firmus The Cookie and the Quads CF in Long Notes Decorated CF CF in Canon Distributed CF CF with Obbligato or Ritornello CF with Fugue Stollen BWV 80 Canonic Variations on Vom Himmel hoch Week 5: Fugue Exposition Anatomy of a Fugue Fugue in C Minor (WTC Book I) E-Flat Major Fugue (WTC Book II) Cm Fugue (BWV 582) Week 6: Fugue Development Week 7: Ostinato Passacaglia Dido's Lament C-Minor Passacaglia (BWV 582) Crucifixus from the B-Minor Mass Chaconne BWV 1004 (D-Minor Chaconne for solo vn) BWV 150 (Last mvt Cantata 150) Ruggiero Goldberg Ground Goldberg Variations Week 8: Phrase & Period (Midterm Exam) Week 9: Song Forms Week 10: Song Form with Trio, Rondo Week 11: Sonata-Allegro Week 12: Sonatine, Theme & Variations Week 13: Semester Projects Week 14: Semester Projects Week 15: Light and Timbre Formal Filters Feelings Week 16: Final Exam Assignments Homework Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Assignment 3 Assignment 4 Assignment 5 Assignment 6 Assignment 7 Assignment 8 Assignment 9 Assignment 10 Quizzes Quiz 1 Quiz 2 Semester Projects Study Guides Quizzes Midterm Exam Final Exam

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