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This page contains a list of Homework and Quizzes that can be done on the web. The order does not necessarily reflect the order in which they will be assigned. While the reading and listening for each week are also assigned activities, this list represents those assignments which you will submit for a grade. Some of these assignments involve analysis, others involve composition or taking a listening quiz. Specific instructions for each assignment can be found by following the links.


  • Assignment 1: Complete the authentication routine for submitting assignments.

  • Assignment 2: Identify the Contrapuntal Operations of eighteen trichords in the first ten measures of Webern's "Concerto for Nine Instruments" (Op. 24). Before going to the assignment you might want to print the study aid that reminds you what to look for in each trichord. Please note that this assignment requires a browser that is Javascript 1.1.5 enabled. If you are not sure about your home machine, please do the assignment in the CMC lab where all the machines are so enabled.

  • Assignment 3: Download the Canon Game from the Tools Page and write three canons: one in retrograde, one in contrary motion, and one at an interval other than unison. Use the "Canon" menu to control the type of canon. The object is to avoid objectionable parallels and dissonances. When you have written a canon with no mistakes, encrypt it to see how composers would notate puzzle canons. Print the encrypted canons and turn them in for a grade.

  • Assignment 4: Answer the Eight Questions on the C Major Invention. Before answering these questions you may find it helpful to review the textural animation as it shows parts being contrapuntally and melodically inverted.

  • Assignment 5: Print the Four Fugue Subjects and answer them as directed.

  • Assignment 6: From your reading and listening for week 5 and week 6, answer these six questions on the parts and structure of a fugue.

  • Assignment 7: Answer the seven questions on mirror fugue.

  • Assignment 8: Review the cadence chapter of Stein (chapter two, pp. 10-21) and study the musical examples. Answer the nine questions on Schumann's Widmung (Stein Anthology p. 9).

  • Assignment 9: Read chapters three through six of Stein (pp. 22-54) and study the musical examples. These chapters cover phrases and periodic structures. Answer the twenty questions over material in these chapters. You will need to have the Stein text and "Anthology of Musical Forms" (AMF) in hand to do this assignment.

  • Assignment 10: Read chapters seven through ten of Stein (pp. 57-78) on song forms and auxiliary members. Answer the seventeen questions over material in these chapters. You will need to have the Stein text and "Anthology of Musical Forms" handy.
  • Quiz 1: Before taking this quiz you should have checked out the cantus firmus disk and studied the cantus firmus pages. Read each page, listen to each example, then click the "Next..." button to go to the next page in the series. If you follow the "Next..." links in proper sequence you will arrive back here. If you have already followed these links, you may proceed to take the quiz now.

  • Quiz 2: Song Forms: Before you take this quiz you should have studied Stein Chapters 7-10 (pp. 57-78). You should also have completed Assignment 10. If you have done this you may proceed to take the quiz now.

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