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Johann Georg Pisendel 1687-1755

At nine years of age Pisendel became a chorister at the chapel of the Margrave of Ansbach, in Bavaria. In 1709, after studying violin with Corelli, Pisendel pursued his studies further at the University in Leipzig. Three years later he was appointed Kapellmeister in the Saxon court where, after successive promotions he eventually became Konzertmeister (1728) of the opera under Hasse. During a tour to Italy (1716-1717) Pisendel studied with Vivaldi, whereafter he became Dresden's advocate of the Italian concerto style. Because Pisendel and Bach had been friends from Weimar days, that advocacy had a profound influence. Also serving in Dresden with Pisendel was lutanist Sylvius Leopold Weiss, another of Bach's friends. Pisendel taught Johann Gottlieb, the elder of the Graun brothers.

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