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Georg Philipp Telemann 1681-1767

Telemann held appointments in Sorau (1704), Eisenach (1709), and Frankfurt (1712) before he took the position at Hamburg (1721) which he held until his death. In 1722 Telemann was offered the cantorship of the St. Thomas School, Leipzig, which he declined (the following year Graupner also declined, after which Bach applied). Godfather to Bach's second son, Carl Philipp Emanuel, and possibly the most prolific of all composers, Telemann wrote 12 cycles of cantatas for the Church year, each cycle having one cantata per Sunday! By comparison, Bach wrote five such cycles. Telemann also wrote 46 passions (Bach 4), 40 operas (Bach 0), Masses, motets, sonatas, chamber music, keyboard works, concertos, overtures, suites, and other orchestral works. Telemann is mentioned in a letter (1775) from C. P. E. Bach to Forkel as one whose works his father had especially prized in his later years.

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