Mariah Carbone
PhD (2007) Earth System Science, University of California, Irvine
BA (1999) Earth & Environmental Science, Wesleyan University, CT

Research Interests:  Earth system science, climate change, global change ecology, terrestrial biogeochemical cycling, isotopes (mainly 14C), biosphere-atmosphere exchanges of carbon, water, and energy, plant-soil interactions, partitioning respiration.
Building 17, Room 200C









Jim Le Moine
Lab Manager

MS (2005) Ecosystem Science, University of Toledo
BS (2001) Ecology, Michigan Technological University

Research Interests:  biogeochemistry–specifically C, N, and Hg, forest ecology and management, soil organic matter formation, isotopes (mainly 13C, 15N), phenology.
Building 17, Room 201








Aaron Teets
PhD Student Biological Sciences – NAU Presidential Fellow

MS (2016) Forest Resources, University of Maine
BS (2008) Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech

Research Interests:  Factors affecting annual tree growth and CO2 uptake, as well as the relationship between interannual variation in phenology (canopy development/ senescence) and carbon uptake. Using long-term ecological data (including tree-ring measurements, eddy-covariance data, and Phenocam images) to address how climate drivers affect forest carbon sequestration.
Building 17, Room 302