Mariah Carbone
PhD (2007) Earth System Science, University of California, Irvine
BA (1999) Earth & Environmental Science, Wesleyan University, CT

Research Interests:  Earth system science, climate change, global change ecology, terrestrial biogeochemical cycling, isotopes (mainly 14C), biosphere-atmosphere exchanges of carbon, water, and energy, plant-soil interactions, partitioning respiration.
Building 17, Room 200C


Jim Le Moine
Lab Manager

MS (2005) Ecosystem Science, University of Toledo
BS (2001) Ecology, Michigan Technological University

Research Interests:  biogeochemistry–specifically C, N, and Hg, forest ecology and management, soil organic matter formation, isotopes (mainly 13C, 15N), phenology.
Building 17, Room 201


Drew Peltier
Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD (2018) Biology, Northern Arizona University
MS (2013) Conservation Ecology, University of Michigan
BS (2011) Environmental Studies (Chemistry), University of Southern California

Research Interests: Ecophysiology of drought legacies and mortality. Temporal plasticity of tree growth. Radiocarbon, ENSO, dendroecology, non-structural carbohydrates, Bayesian modeling, climate change, and drought.
Building 90, Cubicle 201-E7

Aaron Teets
PhD Student Biological Sciences – NAU Presidential Fellow

MS (2016) Forest Resources, University of Maine
BS (2008) Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech

Research Interests:  Factors affecting annual tree growth and CO2 uptake, as well as the relationship between interannual variation in phenology (canopy development/ senescence) and carbon uptake. Using long-term ecological data (including tree-ring measurements, eddy-covariance data, and Phenocam images) to address how climate drivers affect forest carbon sequestration.
Building 17, Room 302