Sugar Skull Keychain Tutorial (C4D)

Sugar Skull Keychain Tutorial – Professor Johnson lays out this tutorial for Cinema 4d to create a Sugar Skull Keychain for printing on the Makerbot 3d printing. Step 1 – He covers basic modeling and uses the Boole Tool to create watertight objects. Step 2 – In this step Professor Johnson covers adding the ears and the teeth by using the inner extrude and extrude. Step 3 – Covers the Helix and sweep. Step 4 – Covers adding the eyelet on the top, adding triangulation and exporting to a .stl file. The tutorial was created for the wonderful students in VC 345 3d Printing class at Northern Arizona University. Let me know if you have additional thoughts or requests.

Line Tracer – An Amazing Cinema 4D Tutorial

This tutorial was put together by Professor Chris Johnson but was inspired by Mark Pearson at
Step 01 
Create a new file.
Create 3 Null Objects. Drag the nulls under each other.
Create a Sphere Object. In the attributes tab, change the radius to 7 or smaller and change the coordinates to -200 in the Z axis.
Create a Cylinder Object. In the attributes tab, change the radius to .5cm and height to 190cm, change orientation to +Z and in the coordinates tab Z to -100
Drag the sphere under the last null and then cylinder under that.
You should now have something like this:
Step 02
Add a Sweep Object
Add a Circle Object (change the radius to 1 cm)(this really could be any shape)
Add a Tracer Object ( You can find the tracer under the Main menu dropdown titled MoGraph.
Add an additional null and a camera … put the camera inside the null.
You should now have something like this:
Now you won’t see much at this point and it really doesn’t do much.
Step 03
Now click on your Tracer Object and under the Objects tab Drag from your object tab the Sphere to replace the Circle. In that same tab change the following settings. Uncheck the Trace Vertices tick box. In that same Tracer > Attributes > Object tab change type from linear to B-Spline with the dropdown menu and Intermediate Points from None to Natural.
You should now have something like this: