Student Work

Network Package made by Ava Secrest – Fall 2020
VC 495 Capstone Demo Reel made by Boyd Veger – Spring 2020
Screenshot of Falling Asleep by Garret Hall

In my VC 345 Animation class, Spring 2017, the students final project was wide open, they modeled and animated everything in Cinema 4d and then finished up the project in After Effects. The full animation can be viewed here.

Arizona Endangered Species
3d printed Chiricahua Leopard Frog created by Banna Tesfay.

In my VC 345 3d Printing class, Fall 2016, students picked an endangered species from the Arizona Endangered Species list, modeled it in Cinema 4d and then printed it with one of our Makerbot 3d printers.

Personal Identity System created by Adam Sandoval.

In my VC 490 Senior Capstone class, Spring 2015, students created their own personal identity, business cards, resume and letterhead. “It’s important that my personal brand represents who I am as a designer.”

Critter Keeper app designed by Kendra Hinojosa.

In my VC 452 class, Fall 2013, students created an app. “Critter Keeper is a chore app designed to motivate children to take care of their pets by completing daily tasks for rewards.”

3d organs made in Cinema 4d.
The Body of Adam – biomedical engineering conference print collateral by Alex Premselaar.

In my VC 351 class, Fall 2014, students started 3d modeling. “The Body of Adam is a biomedical engineering blue print that would replace all the major organs in the body and infuse the body with an extremely tough alloy creating an incredible human being.”

Tru Park app designed by Savanna Barr.

In my VC 452 class, Fall 2014, Savannah designed an app. “TruPark is an app that was conceptualized by Grayson Dylan and his team at the 2013 NAU Startup Weekend, where it won first place.”

NATRA website design by the team of Emily Baker-Slama, Chelsea Premeau and Jessica Tennyson.

In my VC 452 class, Fall 2014, Emily designed the NATRA website for the Neil Weintraub.

TapThat an app designed by Emily Baker-Slama to find the best beer in town.

Hexapus designed and 3d printed by Philip Nogueras.

Story Box, 3d printed object designed by Dayne Petra, Adam Sandoval and Philip Nogueras.

App design by Joshua Zito.

Ridea is an app design created by Adam Sandoval.

In my VC 452 class, Fall 2014, Adam designed the Ridea app. “Ridea is a conceptual app I researched and designed to help educate the local cycling community.”

Animation by Philip Nogueras.