GMO’s – Where Do You Stand?

Genetically modified organisms are a popular environmental topic, but many people are on the fence of how to feel about them. Are GMO’s bad for the planet, or are they the solution to our food- related problems? With World Food Day coming up this month, Green NAU decided now would be an excellent time to showcase this important issue. In order to help people figure out their stance, 2 of this year’s 4 Better World Film Series events will be dedicated to GMO-related films. Later in the month, the Green Jacks will be hosting a community debate about GMO’s. By learning about both sides, our hope is to promote a more thorough understanding of genetic engineering and the way it impacts our food systems. If you’re interested in joining us on this educational journey, check out all three of our GMO focused events:

Oct 4: Food Evolution // 6:00pm // NAU International Pavilion

Oct 11: GMO OMG // 6:00pm // NAU International Pavilion

Oct 23: GMO Community Debate // 6:00pm // NAU International Pavilion

Make sure to check out the rest of the Better World Film Series, happening through the rest of October!