Deborah N. Huntzinger

Professor, Climate Sciences

Bury Hall, Room 307

School of Earth and Sustainability

Northern Arizona University

Flagstaff, AZ 86011

Phone: 928-523-1669

Fax:     928-523-7423


Curriculum Vitae

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Research Focus:

My research falls under a common theme of climate science and solutions. For almost a decade now, my research has been motivated by the desire to better understand the role of the natural and managed carbon cycle in climate change dynamics. My goal is to generate new knowledge that contributes to our understanding in four main research areas:

  • Diagnosis of the terrestrial carbon cycle – quantifying how much atmospheric carbon dioxide the land surface is taking up, where, and how the land carbon budget has changed over time; and
  • Attribution of changes in land carbon uptake and loss – identifying what processes are driving changes in land-atmosphere carbon exchange both regionally and globally.
  • Projection of  future land carbon cycle changes– project how the land carbon cycle will interact and feedback with Earth’s climate in the future.
  • Accounting for and managing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with companies, organizations, and municipalities in ways that better inform climate mitigation actions

I use a combination of tools in my research (e.g., modeling, statistical analyses, model-data comparison, model-model comparison) and collaborate with a number of colleagues from various disciplines at NAU and other academic institutions, national laboratories, and research centers.