In 2010, the Office of the President awarded a one-time Innovation Fund Grant to the Office of Enrollment Management Services to have proximity card readers installed at the doors to several classrooms, and the program has grown over time. Students who swipe their NAU ID card at the reader will have their attendance recorded automatically. Instructors can log into the Attendance Manager website to view attendance data online or print a report. (If you're trying to access this page from off-campus, be sure to use the NAU VPN.)

At present, card readers are installed in the rooms listed below, and new rooms can be added to the system by request if they meet certain technical criteria. If a card reader is installed by the door of your classroom, the system is ready to use. The system knows which classes are scheduled for these rooms, so you don't need to contact anyone before trying it out. Just have your students start swiping their cards at the door and log into the Attendance Manager site to get your attendance reports.

For assistance with, or questions about, the Card Reader system, please contact or call 928-523-6579

Since card readers only gather attendance data, some instructors prefer clickers, which can also be used for in-class polling. Whether collecting attendance data with card readers or clickers, instructors can then use the GPS system to send attendance reminders to students.

Numerous studies show a strong correlation between attendance and student success. In 2012, student attendance (and attendance collection by instructors) became mandatory for all 100-level classes at NAU.