Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression

Journal of Undergraduate Research & Creative Expression is a refereed, online journal dedicated to the publication of outstanding scholarship by undergraduates.

The Journal of Undergraduate Research & Creative Expression (JURCE) is a refereed, online journal published annually by the Office for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity dedicated to the dissemination of outstanding scholarship by undergraduates from academic institutions of higher learning.

The journal welcomes the submission of research articles, fiction, poetry, photography, visual arts, and other creative works from all academic disciplines. Each submission must be the original work of at least one undergraduate student with at least one faculty mentor; the work may be submitted within one year of the student(s) graduation.

Anyone who meets the above criteria may submit original work to be considered for publication provided he or she owns the copyright to the work being submitted or is authorized by the copyright owner or owners to submit the article.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis and will be published on this website after successful review.

NOTE: Policies and procedures for submissions to JURCE are still in development.

Submissions are accepted on a continuous basis.

Vol 1 (2014)

This inaugural edition launches Northern Arizona University's new peer-reviewed, online Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression.

The journal accepts submissions of research, scholarly, and creative work by undergraduates in all academic disciplines.

This volume will continue to expand as more submissions are approved for publishing.

Click on the title link to read the abstract (or first few lines); click on PDF for the full text.

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Hyper-hydration with a Carbohydrate-Electrolyte Solution Does Not Improve Orthostatic Tolerance in Healthy Young Individuals PDF
Alexa M Brooks, Sara S. Jarvis


“I Always Preferred the Bottom Bunk”: Masculinity and Class in Luigi’s Mansion PDF
Rebecca Hutchison
The Masculinization of the Female Hero in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland PDF
Alex Brink

Emerging Scholars

Evidence-based Practice Unites Us: A Framework for Interdisciplinary Training and Practice PDF
Chelsey Leigh Gardner

Visual Arts

Figuring the Soul PDF
Earl A. Petznick III

Creative Writing - Poetry

Manhood; Shinigami in the 1%; Proscription; and Gag PDF
Siobhan Isabella Manrique
Tabletop Commentary, Café Pari—April 2014; [I’ve spent my life destroying the idea that I am the better man]; and The Eulogy of Daniel Day, Passenger PDF
Connor Mark Bjotvedt
Amelia, Molly for Short; Faux Rimbaud; Frisco Sweet Frisco; and Ode to Firecreek PDF
Anthony Gardner
Skipping Graceland; and Reasons to Burn Your Poetry, Now: PDF
Nicholas Brown

Creative Writing - Fiction

Mr. G's Toenail Clipper PDF
Devereux Fortuna
Remains PDF
Lenore Rose Hipsher
Beach's Black Door PDF
Nicholas Brown

Creative Writing - Nonfiction

Real Stories PDF
Cole Martinez


JURCE Volume 1 Acknowledgements PDF