Assessing tourist shopping satisfaction in the Pasar Beringharjo, Yogyakarta, using importance – performance analysis

Hafni Khairunnisa, Kwartarini W. Yuniarti, Eni Harmayani


Tourist’s shopping satisfaction is important to maintain customer’s loyalty. The aims of this research are to determine the level shopping satisfaction of domestic tourists in the Pasar Beringharjo and to identifying improvement priority in the Pasar Beringharjo using importance-performance analysis. This research was done by quantitative methods with a survey technique. This research was conducted in Pasar Beringharjo, Yogyakarta by using filled questionaries from 130 customers. Determination of the sample which used in this research were 1) tourists who do shopping at Pasar Beringharjo; 2) at least 18 years; 3) end user on purchased goods; 4) origin of tourist who shopping . The collected data in this research were primary data and using 20 indicators which were measured by likert scale. Data were analyzed by using a customer satisfaction index and importance-performance analysis. The results of the research survai showed that satisfaction index score  was  reached at 73.75 % .  Tourist are satisfied with shopping in the Pasar Beringharjo but scores which below 100 % means that tourist satisfaction is not overall maximum. Indicators that showing a low performance but have a high importance and top priority to improvement. There are dominated by indicators that derived from physical variables such as lighting, motion area, facilities, and place arrangement. The next improvement priority is price variable, product and service.


Pasar Beringharjo; Shopping Tourism; Tourist shopping satisfaction; Customer Satisfaction Index; Importance – Performance analysis; Yogyakarta; Indonesia

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