Social Entrepreneurship in Ecotourism: An Opportunity for Fishing Village of Sebuyau, Sarawak Borneo

Johanna Adlin Ahmad, Abang Zainoren Abang Abdurahman, Jati Kasuma Ali, Lenny Yusrina Bujang Khedif, Zubaidah Bohari, Silverina Anabelle Kibat


This paper discusses literatures pertaining to community engagement in social entrepreneurship with aim to develop a higher institution and community engagement in ecotourism model for Sebuyau village, Sarawak.   Sebuyau is a coastal fishing village that lies 70km away from the main city of Kuching, Sarawak.  The resident's economic dependence mainly comes from fishing, farming, small businesses and cottage industries products.   The paper's discussion is based on three main objectives which are i) to identify the antecedents that contribute to community engagement in social enterpreneurship ii) to propose the instruments in measuring the success of social enterpreneurship project and iii) to identify the supporting system and industries required in complementing social enterpreneurship business, particularly for ecotourism in Sarawak.    For data gathering purposes, interview survey has been employed to gain more information on Sebuyau's community background and opportunities for social enterpreneurship business.  This include interviews with Sebuyau's Malaysian Fisheries Development Board, Sebuyau District Office, local village enterpreneurs and the village people.  The literature findings enables the researcher to design an ecotourism model that allows for knowledge-transfer and ecotourism business development for the village.


Social Entrepreneurship; Ecotourism; Homestay; Sebuyau; Malaysia

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