Culturally Relevant Books: Culturally Responsive Teaching in Bilingual Classrooms

Alma Dolores Rodriguez


This article discusses theresults of a study conducted to identify Latino/a children’s perceptions aboutand responses to culturally relevant books. The findings show that culturallyrelevant books facilitate culturally responsive teaching in bilingualclassrooms. Participants responded positively to children’s literature that wasrepresentative of their culture. Children identified themselves with culturaltraditions portrayed in the books and with the characters’ identities andpersonalities. Latino/a children also made connections with the language usedin the stories. Some of the themes that were relevant for Latino/a children ofMexican descent included birthday celebrations and interactions withgrandparents. Children expressed interest in reading more books that wererepresentative of their realities. Examples of culturally relevant children’sliterature for Latino/a children in bilingual classrooms are included.


learning and instruction

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