Vol 7, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


Introduction to Volume 7 PDF
Mariella M. Espinoza-Herold

Position Papers and Reflection

Funds of knowledge for scholars: The translation of theory and its implications PDF
Samuel David

Applied Educational Research

Indeterminate Future and Language Acquisition Practices Among Temporary and Permanent Immigrant Families PDF
Yeon Sun (Ellie) Ro, Gregory Cheatham, Jeonghee Choi
Pre-Service Teacher Attitudes toward English Language Learners PDF
Quentin Dixon
Writing Instruction for English Learners: Examining Instructional Practices in Fourth-Grade Classrooms PDF
Shanan Holly Fitts, Erica Bowers, Laura Keisler

Research Infused Classroom Practices

A High School Teacher's Examination of Third Space for English Learners through Post-Colonial Theory PDF
Jacob Tyler Jobe, Marilee Coles-Ritchie, Ph.D.
A Literature Inquiry: Discussions Involving Translanguaging and Immigration Issues in a Dual Language Classroom PDF
Adriana Goenaga Ruiz de Zuazu

Bilingual Studies

Becoming intercultural educators PDF
Trudie C. McEvoy, Vanessa Anthony-Stevens, Virgilia Pérez García
En busca de una educación equitativa: La implementación de políticas lingüísticas y culturales estadounidenses PDF
Claudia Peralta

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