Andrew Richardson (Google Scholar)

Professor, Center for Ecosystem Science and Society (Ecoss)
Professor, School of Informatics, Computing & Cyber Systems (SICCS)

PhD (2003) Yale University, Forestry & Environmental Studies
AB (1992) Princeton University, Economics

Telephone: 928 523 3049

Research interests: Terrestrial ecosystems and global change; Forest ecology; Biosphere-atmosphere interactions and feedbacks; Carbon allocation in plants; Phenology; Model-data fusion.

Katharyn Duffy

Postdoctoral Research Associate

PhD (2018) Northern Arizona University,
Earth Sciences & Environmental Sustainability
MS (2012) Northern Arizona University, Climate Science & Solutions
BS (2011) Portland State University, Geology

Telephone: 928 523 1263

Research interests: terrestrial biosphere-Earth system interactions; climatic change effects on phenology and land-atmosphere carbon exchange


Jim LeMoine (Google Scholar)

Lab Manager

MS (2005) University of Toledo
BS (2001) Michigan Technological University

Telephone: 928 523 0732

Research interests: Biogeochemistry–specifically C, N, and Hg; Forest Ecology and Management; Soil Organic Matter Formation; Phenology


Tim Rademacher (Google Scholar)

Postdoctoral Research Associate

PhD (2016) University of Cambridge
BA   (2012) University of Cambridge


Research Interests: Eco-physiology of terrestrial vegetation


Gabby Sequeira

Undergraduate Student Worker

BS (2022) Northern Arizona University, Environmental Studies

Telephone: 480 828 0898


Bijan Seyednasrollah (Home page; Google scholar)

Postdoctoral Research Associate

PhD (2017) Duke University, Environment
MS (2006) Sharif University Technology, Mechanical Engineering
BS (2003) University of Semnan, Mechanical Engineering


Research interests: Global environmental change; Environmental data science, Hierarchical Bayesian statistics; Process- and physics-based modeling of land-atmosphere interactions; Energy transfer of terrestrial ecosystems; Eco-hydrology


Kevyn Sisante

Undergraduate Student Worker

BS (2020) Northern Arizona University, Computer Science

Telephone: 928 523 0732


Christina Schädel 
(Research Gate; Google scholar)

Assistant Research Professor

PhD (2009) University of Basel, Switzerland
MS (2005) University of Basel, Switzerland and University of Vienna, Austria
BS (2004) University of Basel, Switzerland


Research interests: Global carbon cycle, data synthesis; meta-analysis; permafrost carbon; and climate change experiments


Aaron Teets

Predoctoral Fellow

MS (2018) University of Maine, Forest Resources
BS (2008) Virginia Tech, Biological Sciences

Telephone: 928 523 1263

Research interests: Forest carbon dynamics; phenology; woody biomass increment; non-structural carbohydrates; eddy-covariance


Adam Young

Postdoctoral Research Associate

PhD (2018) University of Idaho

Telephone: 928 523 1263

Research interests: Phenology and climate change; land-atmosphere interactions; fire ecology; Arctic and boreal forest ecology; geospatial analysis and statistical modelling

Special Guests

Fateme Yousefi Lalimi

Postdoctoral Researcher (2018 to Present)

Visiting from Arizona State University
PhD (2018) Duke University


Research interests:

coastal morphodynamics; barrier systems; estuarine and nearshore processes; sediment transport; process based modeling and remote sensing of coastal processes


Kevin Bórnez Mejías

Predoctoral Researcher (September to December 2018)

Visiting from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
MS  (2013) Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
MS (2014) Universidad de Málaga (2014)


Research interests: optimizing algorithms to estimate vegetative phenology  from satellites; response of the vegetation to climate change and feedbacks among plant phenophases on the global climate

Koen Hufkens

Postdoctoral Researcher (October to December 2018)

Visiting from Ghent University
PhD  (2009) University of Antwerp


Research interests: modelingmodel ecosystem processes, such as vegetation growth or drought / disturbance resistance, using various -retrospective- proxy measurements in a model data fusion approach, including among others remote sensing, dendrochronology and recovered historical data records

NAU Alumni

Amberlee Pavey

Undergraduate Student Worker

Autumn 2018: Amberlee processed leaf samples and helped build a training dataset to identify cloudy, hazy, and snowy PhenoCam images. She continued her studies in Forensic Science after her tenure in the lab.

Telephone: 928 523 0732