Opportunities to Work and Study with CSIL

Faculty Sabbatical, EPSCoR, and Fulbright Fellows

  • Junior Faculty from U.S. EPSCoR States are eligible to apply to their home State's EPSCoR Program Office's Research Fellows program, funding up to 6 months of collaboration at a FEWSION partner institution.
  • Fulbright Scholars from non-U.S. countries are invited to study with a FEWSION partner.
  • Faculty on Sabbatical are invited to study with a FEWSION partner.

Student and Staff Opportunities as of September 2018

Northern Arizona University’s School of Informatics, Computing and Cyber Systems (SICCS) is recruiting Ph.D. students with Research Assistantships. Study Food, Water, and Energy Systems resilience, Systems Engineering, Ecological Informatics, Citizen Science, and Data Science in an interdisciplinary Informatics graduate program, alongside the CSIL staff and FEWSION project scientists, in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. Ecological Informatics students entering the SICCS PhD program in upcoming years have the opportunity to participate in a world-class National Research Traineeship (NRT) cohort. Allied graduate programs and centers at NAU provide additional collaborative and degree opportunities, including the Center for Ecosystem Science and Society (Ecoss) and the School of Earth and Sustainability (SES). Women and minorities are particularly encouraged to apply. NAU offers a world-class collaborative environment in Informatics, Data Science, and Ecology.

Northern Arizona University launched the Presidential Fellowship Program (PFP) in 2015 and offers generous support packages to the most highly qualified incoming Ph.D. students.  The fellowship awards consist of a graduate assistantship stipend, a supplemental fellowship stipend offering a world-class rate of pay, full tuition remission, major medical insurance benefits, and annual professional development funding.  Awards are renewable for up to four years. Presidential Fellows need to be nominated early in the application cycle, so submit inquiries to Ben Ruddell during the Fall.

Current graduate students of Hydrology should consider applying for the CUAHSI Pathfinder Fellowship to visit CSIL in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona and develop a novel collaborative interdisciplinary research project utilizing FEWSION project data. This program will cover travel and living expenses for roughly a month-long visit. Late summer and winter break are a good time to visit, as is the Fall semester for students who do not currently have coursework.

Self-funded Professional M.S. students in the Engineering College are also welcome, and we consider funding exceptional Thesis-track M.S. students in the School of Earth and Sustainability on a case by case basis. Contact the FEWSION Project Office at FEWSION@nau.edu with inquiries. The final application deadline is in mid-January, but you should inquire and apply immediately for full consideration on fellowship and teaching assistantship opportunities. See the SICCS website for more information.

We hire exceptional Undergraduate Software Developers and for work on mobile apps, websites, databases, and sensor systems, for hourly paid internships. Join us for a paid internship and Undergraduate Research Experience, and learn the ropes!

Summer/Fall 2019: We hire exceptional Undergraduate Research Assistants to help FEWSION map the water transfers in the United States. Computer research and GIS skills are a plus.

We seek a Ph.D. student or Postdoc to work with Dr. Nick McKay and Dr. Ben Ruddell to pursue an interdisciplinary Ph.D. that blends paleoclimatology and sustainability research. This project focuses on investigating how modern food, water and economic infrastructure would cope with severe prehistoric droughts in the southwest U.S., which were both more extreme and longer-lived than anything observed during the past 200 years. Prospective students will be integrated with both the Paleoclimate Dynamics Laboratory and the Complex Systems Informatics Laboratory at NAU, as well as the larger FEWSION project, which is mapping the interconnectivity between food, energy and water, and their responses to shocks and stresses, for the United States. Direct informal inquiries to Nick McKay at Nicholas.McKay@nau.edu.

We seek a software engineer or scientist with strong data science, citizen science, and hydrology interests to lead the implementation and application of the Integrated Flood Stage Observation Network (IFSON) via a NSF Funded Smart and Connected Communities project and NSF Macrosystems Biology project. This project is synthesizing multiple data streams to provide a fine-scale treatment of flooding, including the development of mobile applications and back-end server support for hydrology, urban flood information, riparian ecology, and citizen science. This scientist will work with Dr. Ruddell, Dr. Abe Springer, Dr. Eck Doerry, and team collaborations including Arizona State University, CrowdHydrology, Mobile Hydrology, Michigan Tech, University of Arizona, CUAHSI, USGS, and the National Weather Service's National Water Center. Positions may be filled at any level including GRA, Postdoc, or staff. The position will be based out of SICCS at Northern Arizona University (NAU) in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. Direct informal inquiries to Ben Ruddell at benjamin.ruddell@nau.edu.


Contact the Complex Systems Informatics Laboratory at the NAU School of Informatics, Computing & Cyber Systems if your passion lies in making a difference in the field of Informatics.